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Captionme offers both automated captions and Enterprise captions. Automated provides the user with the ability to check and amend the content produced by the software. The Enterprise service is professionally proofread and corrected for the user. You can choose the service you require on a file-by-file basis.

Captioning jobs range from writing captions for YouTube videos, or any video content in industries such as film, marketing or educational, plus many more verticals. Captionme transcribers now use a first cut of automated captions and correct the content using a video editor, rather than typing from scratch.

Captioning is an offshoot of transcription. If you have typing skills, they are easily transferrable to produce captioning and with automated software and editing platforms, you can become more of a proofreader than typist, with the flexibility of home working.  

There are a number of providers of closed captioning, often with different payment plans, subscription, pay-as-you go. You should choose a provider that provides a video editing service built in and one that offers the right payment plan and quality (automated and/or proofread) level you require.

A man called Mac Norwood became known as the ‘father of closed captioning’ after bringing closed captions to mainstream television in his role at the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in the 1970s

Traditionally transcriptionists create closed captioning from video content. With the adoption of automated captions less skilled but still competent transcriptionists can enhance the automated output and make the quality sufficiently good enough for personal and commercial use.  

Netflix’s preferred fulfilment partners provide an outsourced solution to the video streaming giant.

Providers range from specific captioning businesses, as one of the services provided by transcription companies or automated software providers. Look for languages, payment plans and ‘usability’ of the software when making your choice.

Closed captioning is created by either Ai software, human-made captions or a hybrid of the two. Human-made captions and hybrid are the most accurate, with automatic captions being almost instant turnaround with a small sacrifice to quality and accuracy.

The National Captioning Institute was created in 1979 in order to get the cooperation of the commercial television networks. The first use of regularly scheduled closed captioning on American television occurred on March 16, 1980.

Captionme is the latest product offering from the well-respected transcription company Accuro. Combining the very best automated captions, the latest in video editing software and industry proofreaders, captionme produces the most accurate captions on the market.

Freelance transcriptionists have the flexibility to work from home. Captioning businesses will provide access to captioning software and pay a price per minute rate. Competent typing skills and the ability to navigate software programmes is a requisite. For more information, get in touch.

Captioning can be created by speech recognition captioning software. This coordinates the video speaker with the text on screen. Speech recognition software is unreliable and either the user accepts mistakes in the accuracy of the text or proofreads themselves, alternatively, choose a service which offers a proofread as part of the package.

Closed captioning can be created by automatic software. This inherently contains typing errors. Users will correct themselves, choose a service with proofreading or accept the mistakes. Often for informal video production (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook), an element of mistakes is acceptable, for commercial use, proofreading and the accuracy of text is necessary.  

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