The Royal College of Radiologists – Alex Dobson

The Royal College of Radiologists needed to comply with the GMC’s initiative to evidence inclusive measures at all stages of visual engagement with the College. RCR instructed captionme to create accurate captions and transcripts of e-learning material that is used by their members for continuous professional development.


Captionme recently assisted The Royal College of Radiologists with a project to caption and transcribe medical research content. Using captionme’s industry leading portal a combination of audio and video was securely allocated for automatic subtitling with a human proofread to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. 

It was great, done really quickly (especially considering the amount I sent) and done really well.

Alex Dobson, Learning Technology Co-ordinator

Captionme will be working with the RCR to provide a secure, user-friendly and cost-effective captioning, transcription and translation solution for future projects.


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