Expectation TV – Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You

Jimmy Carr standing infront of I Literally Just Told You title logo

Jimmy Carr's I Literally Just Told You

Expectation TV

Expectation TV are an award winning production firm based in London, producers of shows such as Clarkson’s Farm (Amazon Prime), Intelligence with David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed (Sky) and many more hits.

In February 2024, Expectation TV instructed captionme to create captions for Jimmy Carr‘s I Literally Just Told You.

Jimmy Carr standing infront of I Literally Just Told You title logo

I Literally Just Told You

Jimmy Carr hosts the game show where paying attention pays off, as players answer questions that have just been written, about things that have just happened during the show, in a bid to win £25,000.

Why did Expectation TV choose captionme?

Expectation TV sought out captionme as they required human-made captions to ensure 100% accuracy. AI captions always require a final touch up and editing to hit 100% accuracy, and Expectation TV required no final edits to be made on their side.

Expectation TV required a number of specific requirements:

  • Non-verbal sounds including dialogue, music and effects were to be captured in the captions. 
  • SRT and STL captions to be provided as separate files, with no open captions provided.


Expectation TV completed a two-episode trial and have committed the entire three-season run of the show to be captioned.

How can captionme help you?

Captionme provide captioning services for healthcare professionals, video production companies, academic institutions and YouTube channels. Captionme can provide both open or closed captions, to any requirement in any format required. Find out more by contacting us below.

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