Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload

It couldn’t be simpler to upload your video content to captions. For more info, click the button below.


How to edit automatic captions

Captionme’s interactive editing suite gives you plenty of options. Please see the guide here and don’t be afraid to have a play with the editor.

How to download your captioning files

It couldn’t be simpler to download your captions/subtitles to srt, vtt or burn the captions onto your video.


Ensure you’re on your dashboard. Decide if you want to edit the captions yourself, or have one of captionme’s captioning professionals edit this for you.

  • Click upload on either Human-made captions or Automatic captions.
  • Simply drag and drop or browse for a file.

You can upload any audio or video format.

As standard you will be directed to pay via PayPal. If you want to pay another way, get in touch here.

Any files still processing will be available under ‘in Progress’. You can track your current progress on the dashboard.

Once your file(s) are complete, these will be available in My Documents.

  • Go to My Documents.
  • Click on the file underneath the File name heading that you wish to edit.
  • You will be directed to the editor.
  • You can edit the subtitles on the left hand side, and click onto Plain Text view to view and edit the transcript.
  • Branding and formatting can be changed on the top bar, play around to get to know the tools!
  • Ensure you click save once you’ve made changes.


You can download an SRT, VTT or TXT file by clicking the dropdown and then hitting the download icon to the right of this.

You can burn the captions onto your video with the flame icon in the top right corner.