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No monthly subscription, no minimum volume, just pay for what you use. 

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Most captioning providers insist on a subscription method of payment. You pay per month for a specified number of minutes of video captioned; however, you may not need the number of minutes you receive or may not have a set amount of video content production per month.


Captionme only charge per minute of video you actually have captioned. £0.14 per minute for automated captioning. £1.45 for fully checked captioning.

Captionme only charge for minutes you want captioning. £0.14 per minute for automated captioning or £1.45 for fully checked captioning, which can be the cheapest for captioning if you don’t require a subscription-based captioning service. 

Editing a first draft, created by automated platforms can be time consuming. By using an outsourced captioning service provider, it is quick, easy and cost effective and you will have perfect captions or subtitles, styled, and accurate text and timing on screen.  

This depends on what language. Captionme offers translated subtitles starting at £4.50 per minute.

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