How to edit captions

Open the file

Once completed, your captions/subtitles will be available in My Documents. Click the file name of the video you wish to edit or download the subtitles for.


Interactive editor

Your subtitles can be edited like a normal word processing software – simply click into the editor. You can change the time stamp, add a new time stamp by hitting return. You can see shortcuts by hitting the shortcut icon to the right of autoscroll.

We reccomend just having a play with the software, captionme has been developed with creators in mind.

Download your captions

Once you’re happy with your captions/subtitles, head over to the page on how to download your captions.


Captioning best practice

  • Keep each line to a maximum of 42 characters or 7 words, there abouts.
  • Keep each line to a maximum of 2 lines per line break.

Sound affects and non-verbal text such as [Cheers and applause] is displayed in square brackets. The audio information is needed to understand the content, for example, a doorbell or a fire alarm. Italics are used when the noise is offscreen, i.e. [sirens blare loudly] with the square bracket italic too.

Identify each speaker when speakers change, no need to identify on each line. Write the name in all caps followed by a colon and a space. For example:


AMIRA: So what’s going on here?
We haven’t seen it yet.
PAUL: No, we haven’t.


If you can’t identify the speakers, put SPEAKER 1: , SPEAKER 2: etc .

Write out any inaudible speech in lower case and in square brackets like the following:


The client may or may not indicate where they wish for the captions to be placed. Keep them at the standard position which is ‘Bottom’ unless they obstruct text or visuals on screen such as lower thirds, title cards or
infographics or cutting off people’s chins and heads, where the captions can be placed at the top instead or you can customize the placement manually.

The standard colours are white text with a black highlight unless the client requests otherwise.

The standard font is Arial at size 42. Do not use bold or underlined unless requested by the client. Italics are used when noise is offscreen, I.e. [sirens blare loudly] with the square bracket italic too.