Unlocking a World of Accessibility with ‘See Me Speak’

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In today’s digital landscape, video content stands out as a compelling medium of storytelling, education, and engagement. Yet, for the billions of hours of video content available, this landscape remains partially inaccessible to over 350 million people worldwide.

See Me Speak

Herein lies the mission of ‘See Me Speak’, an initiative by Captionme that seeks to unlock the full spectrum of video content for every viewer, regardless of hearing ability, language barriers, media outlet or preference. This campaign is not just about inclusivity; it’s about enriching the digital experience for all.

Here’s an amazing video produced by Vox as to why we all need subtitles now:

Mastering the Art of Effective Captioning

Effective captioning goes beyond mere text on a screen; it’s an art that balances accuracy, timing, and readability. ‘See Me Speak’ champions best practices in captioning, advocating for full and accurate capture of the video content with a quick turnaround of video content, to ensure no delays in publishing.

Captionme emphasises the importance of including sound descriptions and ensuring that captions mirror the spoken content as closely as possible, sans fillers like “uhms” and “ahs.”

Harnessing Technology for Inclusive Content

Captionme stands at the forefront of accessible content, offering groundbreaking solutions that merge automation with human precision. While automated captioning lays the groundwork, the campaign acknowledges the indispensable role of human oversight.

This synergy not only elevates accuracy but also makes captioning more cost-effective and efficient, especially compared to traditional methods that are labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Flowchart showing upload of video file, going to AI transcribing the video, then editing by customer or captionme, and finally accurate captions.

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The Vital Role of Captions and Subtitles

At the core of ‘See Me Speak’ is a fundamental distinction crucial for accessibility: captions versus subtitles.

Captions are the textual representation of a video’s audio track, including dialogue and non-speech elements, designed primarily for those who cannot hear the audio. Subtitles, while similar in appearance, focus on translating spoken dialogue into another language, catering to a global audience.

The ‘See Me Speak’ campaign brings to light the significance of both, underscoring their importance in making content universally accessible.

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Choosing the Right Captioning: Closed vs. Open

Did you know the choice between open and closed captions can significantly impact viewer experience?

‘See Me Speak’ aims to help content creators make the right choice. Closed captions offer viewers the flexibility to toggle captions on or off, making them ideal for digital platforms where user control is paramount.


Beyond the Basics: Level AAA Compliance

While Level AA compliance is a significant milestone in the journey towards full digital accessibility, some organisations choose to aim for Level AAA compliance. This highest level of compliance includes providing sign language interpretation for all prerecorded audio content and extended audio descriptions where necessary.

Although achieving Level AAA compliance may not be feasible for all content, striving for this level where possible demonstrates a deep commitment to inclusivity.

Closed Captions

Open Captions

YouTube content.

Social media video content (social media has sound turned off as standard).

Content is to be consumed by wide-scale demographics, some will and some won’t want to utilise captions.

Content is to be consumed by specific demographics (d/Deaf, specific age groups etc.).

If you want to be able to edit/add/remove parts of captions and reupload the caption file.

If the content is to be consumed in a single language and the captions or audio description are being used for education.

Translation into multiple languages – have a separate caption track for each language.

If the content is to include translation of specific parts of the video.


For more information on the differences, check out this amazing video on the difference between closed captions, open captions and subtitles by Jessica Flores:

The Unexplored Benefits of Video Transcription

Beyond captions and subtitles, ‘See Me Speak’ sheds light on the transformative power of video transcription. Transcripts can be added free of charge with captionme, not only to make content accessible to those who may prefer reading over listening but also pave the way for multilingual translations, significantly broadening a video’s appeal and reach.

This facet of the campaign underscores the role of transcripts in fostering an inclusive digital ecosystem where content transcends linguistic and auditory barriers.

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Be Part of the 'See Me Speak' Movement

Do you create video content? Join us in making the digital world a place where every voice is heard, and every story is shared. This is the beating heart of ‘See Me Speak’.

Captionme invites content creators, educators, and businesses to embrace this mission, leveraging our innovative solutions to craft content that resonates with every viewer, regardless of their auditory or linguistic background.

Your Next Steps Towards Inclusivity

Ready to make your content accessible and inclusive? Here’s how you can start:

  • Evaluate Your Content: Determine the types of captions or subtitles that best fit your audience and content platform.
  • Leverage Captionme: Utilise our state-of-the-art captioning tools to create accessible content efficiently – your first 15 minutes are free!
  • Spread the Word: Advocate for accessibility by sharing the ‘See Me Speak’ message within your networks.

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Trial captionme’s web-based caption editor with 15 minutes free automatic captions.

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