We know your industry – industry specific subtitles

We know your industry image on blue/purple background with image of laptop and a number of vector images displaying varying industries popping out of the screen.
We know your industry image on blue/purple background with image of laptop and a number of vector images displaying varying industries popping out of the screen.

Industry specific subtitles are a must in today’s fast-paced digital world. Captivating video content is essential for a wide range of industries from educators to content creators across various industries. To ensure your videos reach a wider audience and comply with accessibility standards, high-quality captions and subtitles are paramount.

Captionme, a leading provider in the captioning and subtitling industry, understands the value of precision and comprehension. With an ingenious combination of innovative AI speech-to-text technology and a diverse team of industry-specialised editors and proofreaders, captionme delivers a superior captioning experience to clients across eLearning, Universities, Sports Teams, Research Companies, podcasters, YouTube creators, and more.

Image of person editing a video on computer with title "the power of expert editors" to the side.

The Power of Expert Editors:

At the heart of captionme’s exceptional service lies a team of skilled editors and proofreaders. Unlike many automated solutions, captionme’s seasoned professionals come from a diverse set of backgrounds, cultures, and industries, bringing a deep understanding of industry-specific context and subject matter.

This key differentiator empowers captionme to achieve over 99% accuracy in captions and subtitles. It is free to sign up, and captionme offers 30 minutes of free captions or subtitles – get started today.

Unparalleled Accuracy:

By leveraging the expertise of editors and proofreaders, captionme ensures the highest levels of accuracy for your captions and subtitles. The team’s familiarity with industry-specific terminology, nuances, and jargon means that even highly technical or specialised content will be transcribed flawlessly. This level of precision is invaluable in maintaining the integrity of your message and eliminating misunderstandings.

Do you create video content for eLearning and education in a specific subject, let’s say you’ve got videos training students in a medical discipline.

Would speech recognition alone tell the difference between sclerosus and sclerosis? Captionme knows it cannot, but a trained medical transcriber proofreading the captions will know the difference from the context of what is being discussed.

What about video content creators for sports teams? Will speech recognition pick up ‘Lionel Messi’ or will it type ‘line all messy’?

Image of Lionel Messi cupping his ears as if he can't hear, with the words "line all messy" and "Lionel Messi" highlighted.

Context matters. Without a trained ear, it’s hard to hit the accuracy standards expected of your team and company.

Customisation for Your Brand:

Your brand identity is unique, and captionme recognises that. By having editors who understand your industry and content, they can tailor the captions and subtitles to match your brand’s tone, voice, and style.

Consistency in communication fosters brand loyalty and recognition, and captionme’s editors excel at preserving a brand’s essence throughout the entire captioning process.

Image of people moving the letter "R" into place in the word brand with scaffolding and a crane and a woman orchestrating this from a tablet sat on top of ladders.

Adherence to Quality & Accessibility Standards:

For certain industries, adherence to strict quality and accessibility standards is essential. For instance, educational institutions and research companies require precision and clarity in their video content. Captionne’s team of editors ensures that your content complies with quality benchmarks, setting you up for success in your respective field.

In a competitive digital landscape, ensuring your video content stands out is crucial. Captionme’s unique approach, combining state-of-the-art AI speech-to-text technology with a team of expert editors and proofreaders, guarantees unmatched accuracy, comprehension, and customisation.

By entrusting captionme with your captioning and subtitling needs, you empower your content to reach a wider audience, foster inclusivity, and uphold the highest quality standards. Step into the future of captioning with captionme and take your video content to new heights of engagement and impact.

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